Crown Cities Community Development Corporation

The Programs

New Directions Family Services

Prevention/Education Program: Provides a behavior modification curriculum that focuses on Empathy Training with emphasis on Peer Pressure and Self-Esteem. The program is geared for 5th and 6th grade with subjects that include anger management, conflict resolution, self-assertion and refusal skills development. These subjects cover issues that are "age appropriate" dealing with family, community, and school issues.

Drug Proactive Awareness Program: Provides a proactive approach to bring about awareness to the dangers of drug abuse, its origin, content and effect on the human body. This approach gives an "in-depth" look at the socioeconomic effect of drug consumption and the distribution as well as abuse. Our focus is to follow up on the initial drug component studied in the Prevention/Education classes and begin to look at teen trends and relative role models that are supported by them as well as the media. PPAP focuses on the long term effects as well as short term effects of drug abuse through visual presentations and presenters who can share their experiences and the results of their involvement in this "lifestyle".

Akoko-Nan Parent Education & Support Group

Akoko-Nan meaning parental protection, mercy and nurturing, one of the components of the African American Student Enrichment Program through the Black Male Forum, offers a parent support group with the curriculum to provide ten (10) week 2 hour sessions each week that cover all aspects of family issues from effective parenting, problem solving, communication, self control, anger management, as well as family health and nutrition. The client can start anytime during the 10 week cycle. The curriculum has been compiled by Dr. Alvy's "Center for the Improving of Child Caring" with emphasis on "Effective Black Parenting", Patricia Miller's "Parenting and Training", DCFS's Pasadena Parenting Club, Parents Anonymous, and other various parent education books, magazines, and articles. The facilitators are volunteers from the Pasadena community w/professional training's well as MFT's and LCSW's. There is no charge and refreshments are provided as well as childcare.

The Community Leadership & Development Council

CLDC was founded in September of 1997 by Horace Williams, PhD. CLDC identifies, recognizes, and empowers youth and their families to reclaim their dignity and motivation through a process known as "Re-evaluation Counseling". This counseling concept is a training tool by which at-risk or high-risk youth/young adults are given cognitive skills in which they learn techniques to reclaim positive self-assertion skills that raise their self-esteem. This empowers them to become motivated to participate in lifestyles that include: returning to school w/increased attendance, complete homework and other class assignments, seek employment )if applicable), and stay away from negative influences (gangs, drugs, violence, etc.). Each participant is given a small stipend if they improve and maintain their grades and performed community service. CLDC participants range from 14yrs to 24yrs old. This is due to the median age range which young African American Males are affected by negative peer pressure. Upon graduation each participant is recommended to volunteer in a community based program of their choice.