The History

In the beginning there was DoWop, singing under the streetlight on hot summer nights. Emerging into Motown clones like Jr. Temptations challenging all comers to do battle citywide participating in every talent contest available.

Performing Acapella or with local bands, emerged "The Young Generation". Observed by the likes of Mr. Big Stuff Barry White we cut our first single entitled "The Yougn Generation" whereupon TYG became "The Clique" performing with "The Burning Coal", a local band consisting of Dennis Musgrove (Bass), John Lundy (guitar), Elsworth Moultrie (keyboards), Jeru Morgan (drums), with additional percussion, and saxophone sidemen.

Having a taste for the aesthetics of Jazz, Motown gave way to a group of talented musicians whom has taken 2nd place in a talent search at the Hollywood Bowl playing the classics of Miles, Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Lee Morgan, and McCoy Tyner. We were a natural fit, my vocals and their compositions. Playing all over Southern California The Aesthetic Brotherhood wound up in the first Watts Festival at the Coliseum playing with groups like Eric Burdon and War and The Watts 103rd Street Band. With our original compositions like "Beautiful and Now" and "Lamentations of a Middle Passage" we were set to sign our first record deal with Black Jazz Records then .. well.. you know!

On a brief hiatus, moving up to Northern California to San Jose, I met a young lady celebrating her graduation with honors in music at San Jose State (Valarie Simpson) who encouraged me to continue to evolve.

Embarking on a solo career wasn't easy singing at a local Fraternity and Sorority events. Kappa Alpha Psi came into my life and led me to another talented group of Brothers deeply immersed into the "Cosmic Slop" of Funkadelic.

Back to Southern Cali with my mind on the Funk, The MotherFunkingNupeBand was born. Kappa Bred and totally driven by the Crimson and Kreme, MFNB traveled the College circuit throughout California bringing a new brand of music on the scene, DaFunk …MFNB laid the foundation for musical experiences that included Sly Stone, his brother Freddie, Rose Banks, Johnny Guitar Watson, Bobby Womack, and many members from Parliament/Funkadelic, Bootsy, Parlet, and Brides of Funkenstein. All the above led to the formation of Ra-Daze and The Electric War Babies. Through these two bands the outreach has been worldwide encompassing each member and crosscutting from concept to concept.

Ra-Daze Ltd. has become an institution spanning 4 decades with more than 50 musicians and singers. Indefinable, Ra-Daze can't be labeled but must continue to be heard. Ra-Daze is a myriad of concepts engaging all members of the musical community not to exclude the ancient masters of African edenic past.

Detailing every genre from Aardvark to Zygote. Hitting all categories combining charts from Billboard to Soundscan. Pay attention cause Ra-Daze Ltd. will change conceptually from week to week reaching out to all friends an neighbors worldwide.

If you want some, just ask. We iz outtathebox. Streetwise baybay.